Natural Remedies vs Conventional Medicine: Which is Better?

In recent years there has been a big surge in natural remedies and their use, with anti-vaxx people being the ones who started pushing this ...




Natural Remedies vs Conventional Medicine: Which is Better?

In recent years there has been a big surge in natural remedies and their use, with anti-vaxx people being the ones who started pushing this ...

Fact From Fiction: What is Fat and Why we Need It

As humans, we have a complicated relationship with fat. When children have some fat on their bones, we state that it is cute. However, as we ...

The 7 Best Health Specialists Worth Consulting in California

It’s been over a year since the first case of the coronavirus and even now there are still cases every day. The pandemic originated in ...

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There used to be a lot of skepticism around non-traditional remedies for traditional health issues, but in recent years non-traditional ...

Understanding Medicine: 6 Different Medicines and Their Effects

When it comes to finding the most suitable home remedies and medications for everyday conditions it can be hard to know what you should use ...

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Natural Remedies vs Conventional Medicine: Which is Better?

In recent years there has been a big surge in natural remedies and their use, with anti-vaxx people being the ones who started pushing this agenda. But now more people have come around to the idea of using some natural remedies to prevent illness or to use alongside conventional medicine, and one natural remedy that keeps cropping up in conversation is marijuana and its medicinal effects. But which is better?


What are natural remedies?

To decide which is better you first need to know what natural remedies are. Natural remedies can be herbs, natural oils, essential oils, and even plants (such as marijuana). Some of these are known to have positive effects, such as lavender or chamomile for instance, which is proven to help calm you down and aid in sleep. There are even some types of ‘medicine’ called homeopathy, which consists of diluted herbs put into a tablet form, which is said to be able to help cure some ailments. The same is sometimes said for essential oils, where you can buy an essential oil diffuser to help put the smell of these herbs into a room as well as adding some humidity, where the scent can help to relax you and the humidity is better for you breathing in.


Do they work?

There is very little proven evidence that most natural remedies work, and instead, it is advised that if you use them, you should use them alongside conventional medicine. And although homeopathy is considered a branch of medicine by some, there is no proven evidence that it works, and ingesting essential oils or putting them directly on the skin may actually be harmful to your health. Herbs will not help to cure cancer, but using them to maintain a healthy lifestyle may help in decreasing your chances of getting it. However, natural remedies that come from the cannabis plants (also known as cannabinoids) are rumored to have some medicinal qualities, and in places such as the States or the UK there has been a big push to start including these in conventional medicine.


What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are concentrated chemicals and elements from the cannabis plant. This can include CBD and CBN, and although CBD is used more wildly now and less frowned upon (think of Body Shop hemp products, CBD tablets and oils for sleep) it is not something that doctors can write prescriptions for yet. CBN is a more recent discovery to the branch of cannabinoids that is very similar to CBD in its effects and abilities to help aid ailments. But what are the differences between CBN and CBD and how are they useful to medicine? CBN is actually formed from decaying THC, which is the element in cannabis that gives you the high feeling and is the reason it is classed as a recreational drug and banned in some countries. And although it is created from degrading THC, it does not have the same effects that THC has. However, the process of turning THC into CBN is an extremely long process, making it less useful overall. CBD is a separate compound to THC and this makes it relatively easy to extract from the plant and has also been known to help with pain relief and relieve anxiety.


The push for cannabinoids inclusion

There has been a lot of pressure in recent years from both the public and researchers for governments to start funding more research into marijuana and all the medicinal properties it holds, and to include it in conventional medicine. And with more reports coming out in how it has been proven to help with some illnesses such as seizures, and even to help alongside some cancer treatments, this pressure is continuing to increase. Although marijuana can be used recreationally, even just smoking it has been said to have medicinal effects, such as pain relief which is what a lot of people use it for, and in some parts of the states, it can be bought for these medicinal purposes, although the UK is yet to follow suit.


So which is better, natural or conventional?

Overall, conventional medicine is the only way to cure and treat illness. Many natural remedies such as the ones stated above do not have any scientific claims behind them, and instead are used by herbalists to scam people, or by people who have a fear of medicine. And if used in the wrong way or dosage, they could end up being very harmful to your health. With that said, some natural remedies do have medicinal properties and can be extracted from to use in a safe and controlled manner (such as cannabinoids) but it is yet to be introduced formally into medicine.


So unfortunately there is not any cheaper cure than booking an appointment for the doctors at the moment, but as research continues into other forms of medicine, hopefully we will be able to rely less on pills and appointments. And if you still want to try out natural remedies, make sure you do plenty of research into it and look for research based studies done by professionals to make sure you don’t do more harm than good.

Fact From Fiction: What is Fat and Why we Need It

As humans, we have a complicated relationship with fat. When children have some fat on their bones, we state that it is cute. However, as we get older our opinion of fat starts to shift and we see it as a negative thing.  Some of us go to the extent of trying to get rid of our body fat using diets and supplements like lean bean.

If you were to ask someone what fat really was, more likely than not they wouldn’t be able to tell you. All that most of us know is that there is a negative association with fat due to the health risks that accumulating fat can lead to.  For the most part, we feel obligated to try and avoid fat in our diets.   

The issue is because many of us don’t understand what fat really is, we don’t know how to properly integrate it into our diet. This is completely understandable, as the basic education that we get when it comes to fat is based entirely on the negative education that we received when learning about what we put into our bodies at a young age.  All that we really have is speculation and hearsay about what fat is and how it impacts your body. Here is a breakdown of what fat is and why we need it.  

What is fat? 

Fat is one of the three main nutrient types that can be found in food. The three groups are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The body uses fat as a fuel source and fat is the main energy source that is stored within the body.  There are several forms of fats, which is why there is always so much confusion surrounding whether or not fat is good for you. Different fats affect the body in different ways, so some are good for the body while others are not. Here are the different types of fat.  


Saturated Fat 

You are able to recognize saturated fats in their standard state due to the fact it becomes solid at room temperature, which is why it can sometimes be referred to as solid fat. This kind of fat is most commonly sourced in animal products like meat, cheese, and milk. It can also be found in poultry and fish products, but not in high amounts. 

Something that you may not know is that tropical oils also contain saturated fats.  If you are not familiar with what tropical oils are, these are things like coconut oil, palm oil, and cocoa butter. These are sold separately but are mainly used in sweets and snacks.   

Saturated fats are the fats that you should try and avoid as saturated fats can raise your cholesterol, which can lead to heart problems. However,  this does not mean that you have to completely avoid saturated fats altogether, it simply means that you have to be careful with overconsumption as you don’t want to damage the most vital organ in your body.  

Trans Fat 

Trans fat is a type of fat that has been altered through a process known as hydrogenation. This process is done in order to increase the shelf life of the fat. Though trans fats can be created through the process of hydrogenation, they can also be found naturally within some animal-based foods.  Much like saturated fat, trans fats can raise your cholesterol. For this reason, it is important that you try to avoid consuming trans fats as much as possible, as raising your cholesterol can lead to you developing dangerous conditions such as heart disease and other cardiac disorders.  

Once again, it is not recommended that you cut out trans fats completely, but you should limit yourself on how much you are eating for the sake of your health, as is the case with all foods.  

Unsaturated fat 

Unsaturated fats are usually found in oils that can be sourced from plants. If you are someone that has been suffering from high cholesterol levels, then eating unsaturated fats can actually help to improve your cholesterol levels. Something that you may not know is that there are several types of unsaturated fats. 



Monounsaturated Fat

If you are someone that suffers from high cholesterol, then at some point your doctor may have recommended that you eat monounsaturated fat. This particular type of fat can be found in foods like avocados, nuts, olives, and peanuts. Though monounsaturated fat has been shown to lower your cholesterol, it will not work if you are still eating a high level of saturated fat. 

Polyunsaturated Fat

This is the kind of fat that you find more commonly in oils and fatty fish, like anchovies, herring, and sardines. Much like monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat has been known to help combat high cholesterol. So if you are someone that has high cholesterol, then you should look to changing to these fats.  


How does our body use fats? 

A Source of energy 

The main way in which our bodies use fat is for fuel. The body operates by burning calories and fats as a means to maintain energy. This is why people often feel exhausted or unwell if they have not eaten for an extended period of time. When trying to find fuel, our bodies will burn through several sources of nutrients in our bodies. Fat is the main fuel source as it burns quickly and the body stores it for an extended period of time.  Without fat, we may not be able to do the daily tasks that we are required to do, so fat is an essential part of the body.  

Storage of energy 

As well as being a great source of energy, we can use fat to store energy. Our bodies are extremely clever and so when we digest more calories than we need to, then all of the leftover calories will be stored. The calories that we do not need are stored in the fat deposits that are then accessed when we need an immediate source of energy.  

Our body needs fatty acids 

The reason that fatty products have not been abolished from sales entirely is that our bodies need them in order to complete essential progression. In order for the growth and development of our cells to occur, we need to digest fats. This is something that our body does not naturally produce and so we need to find external sources for it.  To complete basic functions, we also need fatty acids as a quick energy resource.  

Maintaining healthy skin 

Something that you may not know is that fat consumption is essential when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Your entire body is made up of cells and in order for your cells to be healthy, they need to contain a certain level of fat. This is because the fat is needed for the cell membrane, which controls what goes in and out of the cells. Someone who is not getting enough fat in their diet can suffer from dull skin and the skin may even take longer to heal if inflicted with an injury of some sort. It is also reported that people who do not digest enough fat may gain wrinkles earlier and easier than those who do.  


Brain and nerve function  

Something that you may not know is that the fatty materials found within fat can be used to improve the function of our brain and nerves. This occurs because a fatty material that is produced by fat wraps around our nerve cells. Doing this makes it so that our nerves can send messages to our brains to alert the brain of any feelings or pains. Without the fatty material, our cells would not be able to do this, so it is essential that we take the time to consume the correct fats when we can.  

A mistake that people often make when trying to lose weight is cutting out fat altogether. Once again, this is because of a lack of understanding of what fat does for your body, along with all of the negative associations that come with the word ‘fat’. This can lead to issues during the weight loss process and can cause people to struggle to complete everyday tasks.  

Fat is not only an essential part of your diet because of the benefits that your body experiences from the digestion of fat, it is also because fat encourages the body to engage with more nutrients that the body needs.  Fat helps you absorb vitamin A, vitamin D, and even vitamin E. These are things that the body does not make in high enough quantities and so without fat our bodies would not be able to digest these much-needed nutrients, so fat is essentially responsible for helping our body function properly.  

Something that should be noted is even though some fats are healthy, no fats should be eaten excessively as they do have some health risks that come with overconsumption.  

The 7 Best Health Specialists Worth Consulting in California

It’s been over a year since the first case of the coronavirus and even now there are still cases every day. The pandemic originated in Wuhan, China, where the virus was spread from animals to humans. Although the Chinese government tried to contain the virus by putting Wuhan into lockdown, too many people had already left the area and traveled abroad. This turned the epidemic in China into a global pandemic. The virus reached every continent and millions of people have died from contracting it. This deadly virus has led to a lot of people being much more concerned about their health than they were previously. Most countries worldwide have had lockdowns imposed by the government which has given people much more free time than they’re used to. With the increased desire to improve their health and all the extra time, many people have made some great health changed to their lives. They’ve started exercising daily with the free time they have, and many people have learned how to cook easy meals with non-processed food rather than just throwing chicken nuggets in the oven. One thing that is extremely important when it comes to your health is that you have the right doctor. You need a doctor that will listen to you and take your wants and needs into consideration when providing you with any advice. There are some fantastic health specialists based in California, to help you narrow it down we’ve found the 7 best specialists who are worth consulting.  

Dr. Keshishyan

Dr. Keshishyan is a Pasadena podiatrist who has only recently opened a clinic in South Pasadena. Dr. Keyshishyan is well known to be an amazing doctor, one of the tops of his field and his service will be a great addition to Pasadena. He was popular in his previous clinic as he understands how important it is to feel heard when talking to a doctor, so he always gives patients all the time that they need instead of rushing them to be in time for his next appointment. 

Dr. Michael Omidi

Dr. Michael Omidi is a well-known plastic surgeon, he is based in Beverly Hills, so his treatments aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for plastic surgery it’s worth paying extra for great quality and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Dr. Omidi. His office is very clean, and his staff is very professional and welcoming, making the whole experience as easy for you as possible. If you’re looking for several services, he also offers great package deals. 


Dr. Victor Yu

Dr.Victor Yu has a practice in Irvine and he specializes in gastroenterology. Gastroenterology is the area of medicine that specifically deals with any issues with the digestive system. Some of the most common problems that are treated by Dr. Yu include irritable bowel syndrome as this is fairly common and more complex things such as hepatitis C. He is well known for making people feel as relaxed as possible as some of his treatments can be nerve-wracking, his team is also known for their great customer care so if you’re usually nervous when visiting a health specialist, he could be the perfect doctor for you. 

Dr. Cassidy Blair

Dr. Cassidy Blair is a professional psychologist who is based in Beverly Hills. It’s important that patients feel comfortable around their psychologist and luckily for those who she treated Dr. Blair is kind, compassionate, and never judgemental. Dr. Blair often treats children and has been called a hero by many parents in California as she has helped to prevent many young kids from going off the rails. She also specializes in helping treat those who have suffered from addiction, another thing that many families are extremely grateful to her for.  

Dr. Paul S Lee

Dr. Paul S Lee is another gastroenterology specialist who also has a clinic in Irvine. It may seem like it would be a difficult choice to decide between him and Dr. Yu who also practices in the same area, but luckily, both health specialists are great at their jobs so whoever you visit for an appointment will treat you with the best care.  

Dr. Karen Y Kim

Dr. Karen Y Kim is a family doctor in Newport Beach. She makes you feel listened to and she is very personal, whilst also being professional. You’ll know what it feels like when a doctor is hurrying you out of their office, but this is never the case with DR. Kim. 

Dr. Nikzad Nafisi

Dr. Nikzad Nafisi is a dentist with a practice in Los Angeles. Many people overlook the importance of oral hygiene, but it should be a priority. If you’re in the LA area and you haven’t visited a dentist in a while, then it’s worth paying a visit to the dentist and DR Nafisi is a fantastic dentist.  

Understanding Medicine: 6 Different Medicines and Their Effects

When it comes to finding the most suitable home remedies and medications for everyday conditions it can be hard to know what you should use to treat a specific illness or issue, depending on the symptoms and the severity of the illness you will find that most household medicines are easily labeled to offer the best advice for choosing the right treatment. If you think you are suffering from a condition that requires more severe medical treatment I would not hesitate to get in touch with your local doctors or hospital for professional advice.  

 There are so many different options available when it comes to treating a minor illness which could be a big reason why so many of us struggle with finding the most affordable and effective option. If you are having an issue then I would recommend that you ask the on-site pharmacy staff when you are next stocking up your medicine cabinet. Staff will be able to advise you with finding the most commonly bought remedies for specific conditions as well as providing help when deciding if the illness needs more professional treatment.   

 Pain Killers

 Pain killers would have to be one of the most bought household medications, with the most commonly used being paracetamol and ibuprofen it is said that this medication is one of the most mass-produced medicines currently available on the market. Most standard painkillers work by releasing the medication in the affected area and they are usually most effective when taken orally, paracetamol and ibuprofen works to effectively target the pain and neutralize the sensation until it cannot be felt anymore. What many people do not know is that you can take paracetamol and ibuprofen together very safely for times when the pain is too strong.  

Anti- Allergy Medication

 Most people who suffer from hayfever and allergies can relieve the irritating symptoms pretty easily with an over-the-counter antihistamine, these tablets are normally very affordable and come in large packets for daily use. Hayfever can flare up in the summer months so I would highly recommend that you stock up in preparation for the increased levels of pollen in the air. Most antihistamines work by soothing irritation and symptoms of allergies such as sneezing, irritated and watering eyes, and in more severe cases a physical rash could form on the skin.  

 Cold and Flu Tablets

 An illness that is the direct opposite of hayfever and allergies is the common cold, this virus is another inconveniencing condition that usually occurs in many people during the colder periods. This virus can be prevented with a  yearly jab but if you do not have the opportunity to get one you will need over-the-counter treatments to help you get through it. These tablets usually consist of painkillers to numb any aches as well as caffeine and sinus-clearing medicines to help relieve the majority of the symptoms and help you live your normal life while you fight off your cold.  


 The development of antibiotics was truly revolutionary within the medical world as well as saving many lives from a number of different kinds of infections and diseases. Antibiotics are used to help clear any infectious antibodies as well as boosting your immune system to help your body fight off the infection on its own. Some antibiotics consist of antibodies that come from the infectious virus to help the body build immunity, antibiotics cannot be bought over the counter and must be prescribed by a medical professional. These treatments should only be used when necessary as taking them too many times can weaken their effect.  

 Steroid Medications

 There is a big misconception around using steroids and that their only effect on the body is to build huge muscles, while it is true that they can do this they also have many different uses in the medical world to help treat a range of conditions. Like antibiotics, medical-grade steroids must be prescribed by a medical professional. However, there are some that can be bought for home use to help maintain the body’s fitness levels, this is a popular page for finding steroids online as well as providing much information about how to use steroid treatments safely. 


 What may seem like a very minor medication when you consider some of the other treatments on this list is actually a very well-used medication by many people all over the country. Antacids are used to treat heartburn and the fact that they work almost instantly is a really great thing. ANtacids are made up of a natural alkaline unusually, mixed with a soft mint to help relieve the symptoms of heartburn and soothe the burning sensation of acid reflux by neutralizing the stomach acid that is flaring up. These conditions are usually brought on by eating dense foods and dehydration and if it persists it could be a sign of a more serious issue.  


Overall when it comes to sourcing your home medication it would highly recommend that you think about products that you can rely upon to work and provide fast relief. If you have any concerns about choosing the right treatment then do not hesitate to do some online research or speak to a medical professional who will be able to advise you one that is available to you to help relieve the symptoms of your minor illness and get you back to perfect health.

7 Alternatives to Traditional Pain Medication

The opinion on using traditional forms of pain medication varies depending on how you feel about the big corporations that produce these household medications, other people feel that these kinds of drugs are easy to get hooked on and can lead to further issues in the future. If you are someone who questions these things then you may be interested to learn about the alternative treatment methods that are much more natural and safer to use to treat small pain conditions that you may be suffering from.



Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to maintain your body’s health, hydration is also a great way to reduce pain and prevent things like headaches and migraines. If you find that you suffer regular aches and pains it could be due to you not getting enough water on a daily basis, this is something that you should definitely rectify if you are looking for ways to stop using traditional pain medication as it is a great preventative measure that you can take to avoid subtle pains. There are some great water bottles with measurements and times of how much water you should have had at certain points in the day, if you are someone who struggles with drinking enough water this type of product could be a real lifesaver.



CBD is a very versatile product that has many scientifically proven health benefits including treating severe pain and helping to reduce symptoms of mental health problems. As CBD comes from the same plant as cannabis there is much speculation as to whether or not the benefits of this product are true or not. You shouldn’t prejudge this amazing treatment option without giving it a try as it comes in many forms to suit any lifestyle, you could try CBD-infused sweets or vaping CBD liquids as a way to help relieve pain. If you are interested in trying CBD then you can find cbd vape products here.


Spending Time Outdoors

It is a common mindset that a lot of minor pain can be dealt with using mental training and distraction tactics, if you feel that you are in pain then going out for a walk in the fresh air can be one of the best things that you can do to help relieve it. Going for a walk has been proven to improve your overall mental and physical health and it can be a good distraction from any pain you may be feeling.



If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain and want to avoid using traditional pain medication then getting a massage can be extremely beneficial. Particularly if you are someone who does a lot of physical exercises and if you experience pain from doing this then it may be that you have suffered from an injury of some kind, massages are a great form of physical therapy to relieve stress and pain in your muscles, by getting a massage you are relieving any tension or knots that may have formed in your muscles.


Herbal Alternatives

Using herbal medication offers a more natural alternative to the chemical medicines and pain relief that is available, they are said to be healthy and safe to use and the benefits of using herbal remedies to relieve pain are actually much more significant than you may think. Choosing the right herbs can be difficult especially if you are not the most knowledgeable in this area so I would highly recommend that you do some research or speak to a professional before you attempt to use any form of herbal medication.



As mentioned previously a lot of what you experience to be pain can be rectified through mental therapy rather than using traditional pain relief, hypnotherapy is a great way to relax the mind and body and can offer a distraction from pain that has the potential to relieve it completely. Hypnotherapy is very much in its experimental phase with some people saying it was completely useless and others stating that it got rid of the sensation of pain completely, it is probable that this kind of treatment works on a case by case basis but if you don’t give it a try you will never know how effective it can be for you.



The final alternative to traditional medicine that could be an effective way to prevent and treat pain would have to be yoga, this form of exercise consists of both mental and physical exercises that can be very effective in treating pain. Yoga is also very good for stretching your muscles so that they are in a better shape for dealing with aches and pains that could come from too much strenuous exercise, yoga is also a great way to calm the mind and distract yourself from any pain you may be going through.

7 Incredible Health Benefits of THC

Using cannabis and THC usually has quite negative astigmatism attached to it with many calling weed and the use of THC a gateway drug that encourages people to use more harmful substances. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, more opportunities for research into the benefits of THC have since been produced and generating some pretty interesting results in terms of what cannabis can be used for. There are many benefits to THC and using cannabis as a form of treatment for a wide range of medical issues.


Relieving Anxiety

One of the biggest benefits of THC would have to be the relaxing effect it has on your whole body, this sensation is one of the main attractions in terms of cannabis as a recreational drug but it is also very useful for those of you that suffer from anxiety at any level. Cannabis users who experience issues with anxiety have commented on how THC can really help relieve the symptoms and calm you down in the event of an anxiety or panic attack. Usually, it is down to prescribed medical treatment so the fact that THC and weed can provide relief in this area is a great reason in favor of using it.


Sleep Issues

Due to the relaxing properties of THC on the mind and body, many people use it as a sleep aid if they are experiencing trouble with falling and staying asleep. It cannot be argued how important it is that you get a good night’s sleep on a daily basis, with one in three Canadians claiming that they have issues with sleep it seems that more people need to be taking advantage of what this drug can offer.


Alternative to Alcohol

Another benefit in favor of the recreational use of cannabis and THC would have to be its use as an alternative for alcohol. Not everyone enjoys drinking and alcohol can cause very negative situations if it is not respected and consumed responsibly, many would argue that cannabis is a great alternative as it encourages more mellow behavior. For someone that struggles with an alcohol problem THC and weed could be just what you are looking for if you want an outlet for relaxation but your history with alcohol use is less than desirable.



As previously mentioned cannabis is an excellent relaxant that can be used in a variety of different situations and by a range of different people. Recreational marijuana use has very negative connotations, however, as long as you are in a legal state and of a legal range you should not deprive yourself of this drug that can provide relief on a stressful day. Much like how people choose to have a drink when they have finished at work, taking weed and thc could become a common occurrence in the bid to relieve stress and to provide an escape from the harsh world that we live in.



It is a common misconception when it comes to THC and marijuana use that its sole purpose is to produce a relaxed feeling, when in fact there are a variety of different strains available that will affect your body in different ways. Some strains are actually designed to increase energy levels and focus, this would be great in a situation where you need a clear mind and motivation. If you are looking for a more energizing strain of weed then I would urge you to contact your local retailer online or check out topshelfbc where you can tailor your weed to suit your personal needs.


Pain Relief

One of the biggest benefits of THC would have to be its ability to relieve pain and other chronic illnesses, sometimes standard pain relief medication is not enough. Rather than leaving yourself in discomfort, you could find significant relief if you were to start using THC as a form of medical treatment. It has been said that pain is also related to your mental state at the time of injury, so the fact that weed helps to relax and dull the sensation of pain would make it one of the most effective methods of pain relief that is currently available.


PTSD Treatment?

The next benefit of THC is a little more experimental, after the legalization of marijuana in Canada we have seen significantly more research into what this drug can do and the possible treatment of PTSD is one of them. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a life-changing condition that is usually brought about by the occurrence of a traumatic event or injury, as this is in relation to mental health it shouldn’t be shocking that THC could provide relief and relaxation during a particularly stressful episode. The medical benefits of this drug are truly amazing and the mental health benefits alone are something you should definitely look into.

Trimming the Fat: The Guide to Losing Fat Safely

When it comes to losing weight everyone always talks about how quickly they want to lose a certain amount, this is not how you should be thinking, and no matter how long it takes you to reach your goal your safety should be your main concern on your weight loss journey. If you want to lose a significant amount of weight then it is something that will take time and you may not see the results you want straight away, this journey is about perseverance, and losing weight is a very gradual thing, especially if you want to be safe about it.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to make multiple changes in your life, some people say that you can lose weight simply by exercising or simply by changing how you eat, while this is true to a degree you are going to get the best results if you do multiple things at once. These changes do not have to be that invasive to your everyday life, but if you are serious about losing weight, then you are going to have to be prepared to put the work in to tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle and that works for you.


Natural Supplements

The word supplement can have very negative connotations however you may be surprised to know that there are actually a wide range of natural supplement options out there if you are prepared to look for the most credible sources. A supplement that is very good for you and has benefits when it comes to weight loss is green tea, the great thing about this product is that it can be taken in many ways and if drinking a cup of natural tea is not for you then you can get it in an easy to swallow pill form. Green tea is full of antioxidants and helps to maintain your metabolism and digestive system, these parts of the body are crucial when it comes to losing weight so if you can help simply by drinking tea then I would urge you to do so.

There are many other natural supplements that are tailored to help with losing weight and burning fat, it can be intimidating so if you are worried about anything with taking supplements then I would highly recommend that you research online and check out this natural fat burner full review at If you have any concerns then it would be a great idea to visit a professional who can talk you through what each supplement does for your body as well as any side effects or risks that are involved.


Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is a great way to lose weight as well as improve your overall fitness and stamina when it comes to doing exercise. Doing anything that gets your heart rate going and your blood pumping is going to benefit you as well as contribute to your weight loss journey. If you are looking for specific exercise routines then why not speak to someone at your local gym for any advice with personal trainers or exercise plans. Professional help can make sure you are on the right track and that you are doing things that are going to work out the parts of the body where you want to tone up. With exercise, it is important that you have variation with what you do in order to make sure that you are working out your whole body and burning the necessary calories to reach your target.


Lifting Weights

Although cardio is very important as I mentioned previously it is important to have variation within your routines. Lifting weights is a great way to tone your body and turn your cellulite and body fat into muscle, cardio exercise is great for burning calories and losing weight but if you want that toned body then you are going to have to implement some weight lifting into your day to a day exercise regiment. If you are intimidated by the thought of lifting weights then I would recommend that you use one of the weight machines in your local gym which can be altered to suit your experience level.


Balanced Diet

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you fuel your body with nutritious and healthy foods that are going to help your body on your weight loss journey rather than hinder it. There is no point in working hard on your exercise and investing in supplements if you are not going to fuel your body with the right foods, if you are trying to lose weight then a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates is going to be the right way to go.

This doesn’t mean that treats are banned completely as the best weight loss stories are those that have the mindset of everything in moderation. As long as you are making healthier choices there is no reason why you cannot treat yourself when you are working hard, this helps to avoid the nightmare scenario of putting yourself through a training day only to falter and binge on unhealthy foods. If you reward yourself with small treats you are also avoiding developing a negative mindset when you think about losing weight, as long as you are putting effort into improving what you eat and cooking healthy balanced meals you should be on your way to lose a huge amount of fat in a safe and controlled way.

Best Practices

CAEPV is an alliance of progressive organizations that are working individually and collectively to prevent partner violence. Their programs and policies set the standard for how companies can handle this sensitive issue.

The alliance started off as something small. A few more progressive companies decided enough was enough and banded together. And as you can see below it has now become something far greater. And it has no plans to stop expanding either. In recent years it has started reaching out to some larger name retail companies like Thanos Home, Wal-mart, Bookers, and even Amazon. The hope is getting some larger names on board will really ramp up awareness.

Here are a few examples of what some CAEPV members are doing. Read them for inspiration and ideas – then use the rest of this website to begin developing your own workplace partner violence prevention program. Of course, if you really want to make it easy, simply become a member.