The 7 Best Health Specialists Worth Consulting in California

It’s been over a year since the first case of the coronavirus and even now there are still cases every day. The pandemic originated in Wuhan, China, where the virus was spread from animals to humans. Although the Chinese government tried to contain the virus by putting Wuhan into lockdown, too many people had already left the area and traveled abroad. This turned the epidemic in China into a global pandemic. The virus reached every continent and millions of people have died from contracting it. This deadly virus has led to a lot of people being much more concerned about their health than they were previously. Most countries worldwide have had lockdowns imposed by the government which has given people much more free time than they’re used to. With the increased desire to improve their health and all the extra time, many people have made some great health changed to their lives. They’ve started exercising daily with the free time they have, and many people have learned how to cook easy meals with non-processed food rather than just throwing chicken nuggets in the oven. One thing that is extremely important when it comes to your health is that you have the right doctor. You need a doctor that will listen to you and take your wants and needs into consideration when providing you with any advice. There are some fantastic health specialists based in California, to help you narrow it down we’ve found the 7 best specialists who are worth consulting.  

Dr. Keshishyan

Dr. Keshishyan is a Pasadena podiatrist who has only recently opened a clinic in South Pasadena. Dr. Keyshishyan is well known to be an amazing doctor, one of the tops of his field and his service will be a great addition to Pasadena. He was popular in his previous clinic as he understands how important it is to feel heard when talking to a doctor, so he always gives patients all the time that they need instead of rushing them to be in time for his next appointment. 

Dr. Michael Omidi

Dr. Michael Omidi is a well-known plastic surgeon, he is based in Beverly Hills, so his treatments aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for plastic surgery it’s worth paying extra for great quality and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Dr. Omidi. His office is very clean, and his staff is very professional and welcoming, making the whole experience as easy for you as possible. If you’re looking for several services, he also offers great package deals. 


Dr. Victor Yu

Dr.Victor Yu has a practice in Irvine and he specializes in gastroenterology. Gastroenterology is the area of medicine that specifically deals with any issues with the digestive system. Some of the most common problems that are treated by Dr. Yu include irritable bowel syndrome as this is fairly common and more complex things such as hepatitis C. He is well known for making people feel as relaxed as possible as some of his treatments can be nerve-wracking, his team is also known for their great customer care so if you’re usually nervous when visiting a health specialist, he could be the perfect doctor for you. 

Dr. Cassidy Blair

Dr. Cassidy Blair is a professional psychologist who is based in Beverly Hills. It’s important that patients feel comfortable around their psychologist and luckily for those who she treated Dr. Blair is kind, compassionate, and never judgemental. Dr. Blair often treats children and has been called a hero by many parents in California as she has helped to prevent many young kids from going off the rails. She also specializes in helping treat those who have suffered from addiction, another thing that many families are extremely grateful to her for.  

Dr. Paul S Lee

Dr. Paul S Lee is another gastroenterology specialist who also has a clinic in Irvine. It may seem like it would be a difficult choice to decide between him and Dr. Yu who also practices in the same area, but luckily, both health specialists are great at their jobs so whoever you visit for an appointment will treat you with the best care.  

Dr. Karen Y Kim

Dr. Karen Y Kim is a family doctor in Newport Beach. She makes you feel listened to and she is very personal, whilst also being professional. You’ll know what it feels like when a doctor is hurrying you out of their office, but this is never the case with DR. Kim. 

Dr. Nikzad Nafisi

Dr. Nikzad Nafisi is a dentist with a practice in Los Angeles. Many people overlook the importance of oral hygiene, but it should be a priority. If you’re in the LA area and you haven’t visited a dentist in a while, then it’s worth paying a visit to the dentist and DR Nafisi is a fantastic dentist.