Testosterone and Estrogen: What are they and Why we Need them

Though we are all familiar with the words testosterone and estrogen, we are never really taught much about them aside from the fact that testosterone is more present in males and estrogen is more present in females. In fact, hormone levels have been the butt of many jokes for a long time, without any of us really understand the roles that hormones play in our bodies. In fact, both testosterone and estrogen are some of the most important hormones that we can find in our bodies. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t just there to determine our manliness or femininity.

Testosterone and estrogen actually do more for the body than the average person knows. But what exactly are they and what do they do?


What is testosterone?

Testosterone can be found in all humans, no matter their gender. Within men, it is primarily produced in the testicles and within women, it is created via the ovaries. However, women produce testosterone on a much smaller level.

Within men, it is common to associate testosterone with the sex drive- which would be pretty spot on. Testosterone not only promotes a high sex drive but also helps with the production of sperm which is a vital element of the reproductive cycle.


What does testosterone do?

Within men, testosterone is a key part of development. Testosterone starts to take control while men are in the womb and they help with the development of the sexual organs, so the penis and the testes.

Testosterone is always present in the male system, however when men start going through puberty then the amount of testosterone that they produce drastically increases. This is why during the formative teenage years, men will experience drastic changes to their appearances. Testosterone is a key player in the production of facial hair and also muscle growth. Not only this but testosterone is also behind the deepening of the male voice as they go through puberty.

The most obvious effect that testosterone has on the male body is the way in which it engages the libido and sex drive, which is also what it does to women.


Testosterone in the female body

Though testosterone is not found in large quantities in the female body, it is still naturally present. Testosterone works in the female body in a similar way to how it works in the male body. It is produced in the ovaries and encourages growth, along with repairing the female reproductive system.  It also encourages the growth and strengthening of bone, along with muscle tissue.

There have been plenty of cases of women having too much testosterone in their system. A tell-tale sign that you are a woman with too much testosterone in your system is an increase in facial hair growth and enlarged muscle production. Scientists have also discovered that women with an unusually high amount of testosterone in their bodies also have a much higher sex drive, which the testosterone is responsible for.


Why do we need testosterone?

Testosterone is a key hormone that is needed within the body. Without testosterone, male reproduction would not be possible as it regulates fertility. As well as being an essential element of the reproductive process, testosterone is also a crucial hormone within the body.

Low testosterone can create a long list of medical and mental health problems for me. For example, those that suffer from a testosterone deficiency also suffer from damaging changes to their body. Testosterone is essential when it comes to muscle growth and when you start to lose testosterone, your muscle tissue breaks down slightly.

People who suffer from a testosterone deficiency also experience a higher chance of having mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. If this sounds familiar to you, you may need to look into testosterone boosters. This can be a confusing process, so it may be a good idea to look up the best testosterone boosters reviews and full buying guide.



Much like testosterone, estrogen also appears naturally in both male and female bodies. However, there is more estrogen present in a female body than in a male. Estrogen is extremely important within the female body and has a lot of big roles.

The most important thing that estrogen does is it regulates the menstrual cycle. This is essential to supporting the reproductive process. However, it also has much bigger responsibilities than just that. Estrogen is a very big part of the female body and is even one of the elements that are responsible for ensuring that your heart and blood vessels are functioning well.

An estrogen deficiency can have a lot of very apparent effects on the female body and is the leading cause of menopause. Low estrogen can lead to irregular periods, persistent headaches, and even low moods. Not only this, but women with low estrogen also report physical pain as well as extreme mood swings.


Estrogen in men

Estrogen is also present in men. In fact, along with testosterone, estrogen is an essential part of the reproductive system and it plays a critical role in male sexual function. Testosterone can make the sex drive overpowering, whereas estrogen helps with the regulating of this sex drive and makes it much more manageable.

If a man has too much estrogen in their body, then they experience growth in breast tissue and even erectile dysfunction. To deal with this, men often increase their testosterone intake.