How What you Wear can Affect your Health

What you wear and your health are two of the most common things that people really care about. There’s nothing better than going out in a rocking outfit that you know you look amazing in and it’s also great when you know you’re doing all you can to positively affect your health. It seemed bizarre at first that these two things had any correlation but we’ve recently found out that what you wear really can have a massive impact on your health, some things good, some things not so good. If you’re curious about what you should be wearing for your health then we’ve found some of the most common clothing items and have broken down how they affect your health.  

High Heels

High heels are a favorite among women to jazz up an outfit a bit more for a night out, whether that’s a wedding, a hen party, or an office party you’ll always see groups of girls rocking their heels. They’re a favorite as not only do they add height but they also make your legs look better and make you appear slimmer which many people want. However, even with these aesthetic benefits, it may not be worth wearing heels. They put unnecessary pressure on important parts of your body including your spine, your back, and your knees. Frequently wearing heels also does damage to your calves and to the balls of your feet as they’re left to carry your full body weight. High heels are also a health and safety hazard as you’re much more likely to fall over in them and this could have awful unforeseen consequences. 

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have continued to grow in popularity over the last decade with more people than ever rocking a pair of skinny jeans almost daily. Whilst they may look better than their older, baggier version of jeans as they are tight around your hips and butt showing off your amazing figure, they actually cause your body harm and aren’t great for your health. The material is too tight for your body which can have many negative side effects including numbness in your legs if you wear them for too long. Also, they can be linked to acid reflux and the worst side effect is they can cause a condition called compartment syndrome which is the result of pressure build-up from swollen body tissue. A much healthier replacement for jeans is leggings, they’re much looser and just as comfy, a lot of people prefer jeans as they have pockets but you can even find leggings with pockets now so there’s no reason not to ditch the skinny jeans. 

Any clothes that make you self-conscious

Clothes don’t just have a physical impact on our health but they can also really affect our mental health too. As the weather changes the popular clothing styles change too, it goes from big baggy jumpers in the winter to shorts and crop tops in the summer. You may find it important to keep up with the changing trends but it’s more important to wear clothes that you’re comfortable in. For example, many people may be wearing crop tops in the summer and you may feel like you have to too, but you feel self-conscious having your stomach out. As there is massive links between what you wear and your mood this is a bad idea. It’s much more important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in because if you’re not this can lead to many things such as increased anxiety and nervousness. If you wear clothes you think you look great in then you’re more likely to be more positive.