Altria Group, Inc.
Since 1998, Altria and its operating companies have contributed close to $50 million in grants to strengthen the safety net that helps victims become survivors and to raise awareness about this important issue. As part of their integrated efforts to end domestic violence, Altria has also hosted more than 40 domestic violence conferences and workshops across the United States; sponsored public service announcements and advertising campaigns to help raise awareness among the general public; worked with other companies, nonprofit groups and local government agencies to educate employers about domestic violence and its effects in the workplace; and disseminated information about domestic violence and how to get help to their more than 95,000 employees company-wide in the United States.

At Altria, they truly believe that everyone deserves to live a life free of violence, and they are working to make this vision a reality. For a few examples, visit and, and see how Altria’s impact is found woven throughout the fabric of these organizations. Or, consider New York City’s Family Justice Center in Brooklyn where Altria is part of the Founder’s Circle, the very first foundations and corporate citizens to commit to funding the Center.