Cure The Baby Diarrhoea With Home Remedies

For every parent’s health of their baby is the priority, so we always try to take good care of our little angels. But no matter how much effort we make, the tiny toddlers fell sick, and one such common health condition that troubles most babies is diarrhea in babies. It is characterized by very loose, watery, profuse, and frequent bowel movements in babies. It can cause dehydration, drowsiness or lethargy, abdominal pain in babies. Diarrhea is one such health issue for which people visit their doctor very frequently. It is a condition that is characterized by frequent, loose, or watery stool. Generally, it is either a viral infection or bacterial infection, or it can also happen because of food poisoning. It stays for a few days, but it can last for as long as four weeks in the case of chronic diarrhea. Therefore, it can cause dehydration, abdominal pain, bloating, fever, cramping, and fatigue.

Causes Of Baby Diarrhea
Several causes can lead to baby diarrhea, which may arise, including teething, change in diet, or intestinal infection. Some of the causes of loose motion for babies are given below:
⦁ Any infection caused by bacteria, virus, or parasite by coming in contact with contaminated surface and then placing the hands into the mouth or consuming any contaminated food or water;
⦁ Any food allergy;
⦁ Sensitivity to any medicine;
⦁ Teething;
⦁ Consuming too much fruit juice;
Some of the conditions due to which diarrhea can be caused are mentioned below
⦁ Parasitic Infection
⦁ Food Intolerance
⦁ Viral Infection
⦁ Intestinal Disease
⦁ Viral Infection
⦁ Bacterial Infection
⦁ Food Allergy
⦁ Adverse reaction to a medicine
⦁ Stomach surgery
⦁ Gall-bladder surgery

Home Remedies For Baby Diarrhea
In case of severe conditions, you must immediately consult a pediatric specialist. But if it is not very serious, then you can use these baby loose motion home remedies, which are given below, to treat your baby without putting him on medicines:
⦁ Prevent Hydration: You must take special care that your child does not get dehydrated, so you should feed him with an oral rehydration solution every 20 minutes.
⦁ Breastfeeding: You should continue to breastfeed your child to cure diarrhea and prevent the babies’ hydration. It is a very effective remedy for recovering your baby from loose stools.
⦁ Gripe Water: You must give your baby gripe water from a certified brand, and it can be very effective for curing diarrhea, which is caused because of teething.
⦁ Bland Diet: If your baby can have eaten solid food, then you should give him bland food like baby cereal, banana, boiled potatoes, applesauce, rice, etc. as they can help in improving the condition but try to avoid any food with excess fiber or sugar as it can worsen diarrhea.
⦁ Avoid Dairy Products: You should avoid giving any dairy product like milk, cheese, etc.; the only milk product you can give to your baby is buttermilk and yogurt that too very little amount. These two can help in improving the functioning of the digestive system.
⦁ Ginger With Honey: You can give a small amount of ginger and honey to your baby to improve its digestion.
⦁ Aniseed With Sugar: Make a mixture of dried aniseed with sugar, each in equal amount, and gives it to him after every few hours.
⦁ Maintaining Hygiene: Apart from the remedies mentioned above, you must take care of proper hygiene in your house. It would help if you washed your hands before and after changing the diaper. You should make it a rule that you wash your hands first and then touch him whenever you are going near your baby. This will prevent any infection from your little one
Visiting a doctor and taking allopathy is not the only way of treating diarrhea. Rather, there are many easy and effective ways of curing diarrhea with things available in our home. Some of the diarrhea home remedies are given below:
⦁ Electrolyte Drink: The very first thing that you need to take into consideration is preventing the condition of dehydration. Therefore, you need to have a constant intake of electrolyte drink, which you can make at home by adding half a teaspoon of salt and four teaspoons of sugar in one liter of water along with a small amount of any citric juice.
⦁ BRAT Diet: This diet includes banana, rice, apple, and Tea, which can help you deal with the condition of loose stools as they help to soak the excess fluid from your intestine and therefore slows down the frequency of stool
⦁ Ginger: It can be very effective in treating food poisoning and reducing cramp and abdominal pain. Take a little amount of ginger juice and add some honey into it and eat this mixture after every few hours to improve your digestion.
⦁ Carrot: You can boil some carrots, and then add little water, blend it to make a paste of it, and eat at least half a cup in an hour.
⦁ Yogurt: It contains live cultures, and therefore, the health levels of your intestines can be resorted by the healthy bacteria.
⦁ Apple Cider Vinegar: It can help cure diarrhea as it can be a very effective agent against bacteria that is causing diarrhea. Add two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it twice a day.
⦁ Black Tea: Tea has astringent tannins, which can help reduce the inflation of the intestines.
⦁ Blackberries: You can make a blackberry tea by boiling two tablespoons of blackberries in one and a half cup of water for 10 minutes and drink it 3-4 times a day after straining it.
⦁ Avoid Foods Rich In Roughage: The foods which are rich sources of fiber and roughage can be very hard to digest; therefore, it is essential to avoid all such foods.

Gut hindrance is a truly normal reason for imploding the stomach and is regularly determined to have X-beam filters. Any inside checks in the small digestive system can hinder the air and fecal material suction into the colon or the internal organ. Several elements or conditions can cause diarrhea. Irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory disease can be two causes behind chronic diarrhea.

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