Can You Be Always Hungry And Still Lose Weight?

In the present times, when everybody seems to be in a rush of one kind or the other, what often takes a backseat is a healthy diet. The outcome is clear. The body clock starts ticking and alerts us with the most bizarre symptoms one can ever hear. We study to hear the reasons behind constant loss in weight despite regular hunger pangs. While a portion of the results may vanish with the finish of the eating fewer carbs stage, others, similar to a steady sensation of appetite, may proceed. It is then that they face the unavoidable issue How Can You Be Always Hungry and Still Lose Weight?
How to lose weight?
Everybody seems to be talking about that zero figure fad or the most recent diet plan they have seen on social media. What nobody looks for is what their body is demanding from them. Each of us has a very different functioning of the body, and thus, we need to feed it as per its demands. This is something people generally ignore and follow the diet plans blindly. The result is not so flattering. They might end up losing weight, but certain side effects follow it like constantly feel week or dizzy, lack of energy, or a constant feeling of being hungry.
While some of the side effects might disappear with the end of the dieting phase, others, like a constant feeling of hunger, might continue. It is then that they face the big question- How Can You Be Always Hungry and Still Lose Weight?
There are a lot of reasons behind this phenomenon of being hungry and still losing weight. They can be broadly classified into-
⦁ Lifestyle Factors
⦁ Medical Factors

Lifestyle factors
⦁ You Don’t Include enough fat in Your Diet-
The fats present in your food give you the feeling of being full. If you do not have enough fats in your diet, chances are your body will crave another meal very soon. Include fats in the forms of oils, seeds, and nuts in your food. Your fat intake should be equal to 20 to 35% of your total calories per day.
⦁ Consumption of Alcohol-
Alcohols tend to dehydrate the body. The body demands more water, but we generally confuse it with a hunger pang and end up eating. Research has proved that if you tend to eat up more protein-rich food after that glass of wine and you would have done without it.

⦁ Stressed Lifestyle-
Who doesn’t have a stressed up life? Under the conditions of stress, our body releases the stress hormones called adrenaline and cortisol. The hormones give the brain a signal to get extra energy, due to which the body feels the need to eat something. Checking on stress in various ways like exercise, yoga, or meditation can bring about a lot of change in the hunger pattern.
⦁ Eating a lot of starchy carbohydrates-
Foods that are sugary and made of white flour are full of starchy carbohydrates that fill up the body too soon by increasing the blood sugar levels and then suddenly reducing them back, which leaves us hungry again. Food items like pastries and cookies are all such examples that we can’t have enough of and leave us hungry again very soon after consuming them.
⦁ Poor sleep-
If you have a poor sleep often, you tend to start that vicious cycle of hormones again. When you have not had a good night’s sleep, the body feels fatigued and stressed out and releases hormones that further make you feel ravenously hungry. Your body, needing energy, craves sugary carbohydrates.
⦁ Dehydration-
You must have often read this earlier, too, that our body tends to get confused if it’s thirsty or hungry. This happens because the hypothalamus in our brain is responsible for both functions. The body sends a signal to it both in case of hunger and thirst too. A lot of diet plans also include water as the best tool to overcome hunger pangs. Try drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry before you decide to eat something.
Medical Factors
⦁ Type 1 Diabetes-
A medical condition in which the body does not produce enough of a hormone called Insulin. The main function of Insulin in the body is to regulate the levels of blood sugar. In its absence, the sugar levels in the blood rise. Due to this dysfunction, the body feels excessive hunger and thirst. It still undergoes unreasonable weight loss. Other symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination and fatigue. The only cure to it is to have a very balanced diet and a regular lifestyle. Regular shots of Insulin are a necessity.

⦁ Thyroid disorder-
Another lifestyle disease, just like Diabetes, is a Thyroid disorder. It is only surprising to see how more and more people are getting affected by the disease. The thyroid gland produces a hormone that affects the entire body. It particularly regulates the metabolism in the body. In a Thyroid disorder, the gland produces either too much of a hormone or too little of it. Both conditions have distinct symptoms that require to be treated.
Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the gland secretes too much of the hormone. The main symptoms include unexplained excessive hunger, insomnia, weight loss, Irregular heartbeats, and many others.
⦁ Adrenal Tumors-
Another problem that is suggestive of unexplained hunger and weight loss is a tumor in the adrenal gland. The medical term for the tumor is pheochromocytoma. However, these are not cancerous but should be treated timely to avoid other symptoms. It might be advised to remove the tumor surgically.
⦁ Bulimia Nervosa-
The condition is an eating disorder where one might have intense hunger pangs. It is accompanied by the feeling of having no control over one’s eating habits. Over that, the person might feel like passing out to get rid of the food consumed. This vicious cycle of overeating and getting rid of the food might continue leading to other serious medical conditions.
A strict change in lifestyle seems to be a simple answer to almost all the health conditions discussed above.

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