Bright Red Period Blood, Implantation, Or Normal?

Women mostly experience bright red blood during their menstruation cycle; sometimes, during this period, blood can be of a deep red or brownish color. Usually, there is nothing to worry about if one experiences any of the three colors, but some women get alarmed on seeing bright red period blood. Some even take it to be a sign of implantation, but implantation bleeding happens in small amounts. There are various health conditions for which you may need the help of a doctor. So, if you have any symptoms, consult a doctor to prevent further communications.

Can red period blood be a sign of implantation?
Usually, the answer is no, as implantation bleeding is considered a pinkish and brownish color. Most women confuse menstrual bleeding for implantation bleeding as it generally occurs fourteen days after conception. So it is very easy to confuse both for each other. It is not that bright red period blood cannot be a sign of implantation, but it is less likely to happen. Except for period and implantation, it can also be a sign of miscarriage.

Spot the difference between implantation bleeding and period
Implantation draining can emulate the feminine cycle, particularly during the initial not many long stretches of the period, so it turns out to be truly essential to recognize the distinction.
⦁ Keep a check of the stream- The seeping from implantation is generally light, while the feminine cycle begins with a light stream and afterward gets heavier. Period stream likewise contains blood clumps, while implantation draining doesn’t contain blood clusters.
⦁ Check the shading- One can undoubtedly recognize the distinction by seeing the shading; splendid red blood is a sign of a feminine cycle, and release that seems pinkish and earthy indicates implantation dying. Even though the seeping from implantation cam look red yet it all the more normally looks earthy colored or pink.
⦁ Time period-Menstrual stream typically goes on for the period cycle’s full span ceaselessly; however, implantation draining can travel every which way. Implantation draining spotting occurs for a couple of days while the feminine cycle endures between four to seven days.

Reasons behind bright red blood except for periods and implantation
In case you usually experience darker color blood during the period, and now you see the blood that is bright red, then there might be a few other things causing this change:
⦁ Miscarriage- Bright red blood can also be an indication of a miscarriage. If severe cramps also accompany the blood, then this can be the case. If the blood stays bright red, the flow is heavy, and if you experience continuous cramps, you should possibly see a doctor.
⦁ Hormonal imbalance- Any hormonal imbalance can cause a change in the color of the menstrual blood. Women who are experiencing menopause can get abnormal periods with bright red blood. Women’s diet, lifestyle choices, and stress levels are also the reason behind hormonal imbalances.
⦁ Cyst in the ovaries- Women might also see the bright red blood if she has an ovarian cyst that has recently ruptured.

Abnormalities in bright red blood
The color of the blood is usually nothing but an indicator of the age of the blood. The brighter and redder, the fresher it is. But sometimes, the bright red blood can also indicate some abnormalities that one should see into.
⦁ As said before, hormonal imbalance is one reason; hormonal imbalances usually occur from stress, lifestyle changes, and poor appetite. The hormonal imbalances can also lead to ovarian cysts, which can also cause red blood. If the change in blood is due to a cyst, then one should see a doctor.
⦁ It can also be a sign of miscarriage, especially if you are getting severe cramps. It is important to see a doctor if the bleeding continues, and there is also cramping for a few days.

Things to remember if the red blood is implantation bleeding
⦁ Do not panic if you see red blood as if it is implantation bleeding, then half of the cases result in normal pregnancy.
⦁ You should be aware of your partner’s blood type as you may require an injection within 24 hours of heavy bleeding.
⦁ If you are bleeding and you think you are pregnant, then undertake a home pregnancy test. If the test is positive, then call your doctor for consultation and do as he/she tell you to do.
⦁ Never get intimate with your partner when you are bleeding, and keep a track of your bleeding. See how many pads you have used.
⦁ If you feel that the implantation bleeding is lasting longer than it should, call your doctor for consultation.
If you are still in doubt about the bright red period blood being implantation blood or not, then you can even check for a few other symptoms of implantation like:
⦁ Breast tenderness- This is a very common symptom of implantation bleeding; the breasts keep on growing during the pregnancy, along with that, they also become tender and ultrasensitive.
⦁ Food cravings-Some women during this period also experience an increased sense of smell and taste. They get the feeling of having their favorite foods and also the desire for having the new ones.
⦁ No period- This is the more trusted implantation and pregnancy symptom. Women who have conceived go through a missed period. But this is not a confirmation that being pregnant as periods can be missed because of some other reasons.
⦁ Morning sickness- The other most common symptom is the problem of morning sickness. One has to go through vomiting and nausea early in the morning, disturbing the day-to-day life. Then some women might also experience strong backaches and headaches.
⦁ Cramping and spotting – If cramping and spotting continue even after 7- 12 days of the ovulation date and if you notice a pinkish-brown vaginal discharge, it is a sign of implantation. Cramping is also a symptom that might occur one week after implantation.
One cannot say bright red period blood is implantation or normal, as it can be implantation and some abnormalities in the body.

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