7 Incredible Health Benefits of THC

Using cannabis and THC usually has quite negative astigmatism attached to it with many calling weed and the use of THC a gateway drug that encourages people to use more harmful substances. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, more opportunities for research into the benefits of THC have since been produced and generating some pretty interesting results in terms of what cannabis can be used for. There are many benefits to THC and using cannabis as a form of treatment for a wide range of medical issues.


Relieving Anxiety

One of the biggest benefits of THC would have to be the relaxing effect it has on your whole body, this sensation is one of the main attractions in terms of cannabis as a recreational drug but it is also very useful for those of you that suffer from anxiety at any level. Cannabis users who experience issues with anxiety have commented on how THC can really help relieve the symptoms and calm you down in the event of an anxiety or panic attack. Usually, it is down to prescribed medical treatment so the fact that THC and weed can provide relief in this area is a great reason in favor of using it.


Sleep Issues

Due to the relaxing properties of THC on the mind and body, many people use it as a sleep aid if they are experiencing trouble with falling and staying asleep. It cannot be argued how important it is that you get a good night’s sleep on a daily basis, with one in three Canadians claiming that they have issues with sleep it seems that more people need to be taking advantage of what this drug can offer.


Alternative to Alcohol

Another benefit in favor of the recreational use of cannabis and THC would have to be its use as an alternative for alcohol. Not everyone enjoys drinking and alcohol can cause very negative situations if it is not respected and consumed responsibly, many would argue that cannabis is a great alternative as it encourages more mellow behavior. For someone that struggles with an alcohol problem THC and weed could be just what you are looking for if you want an outlet for relaxation but your history with alcohol use is less than desirable.



As previously mentioned cannabis is an excellent relaxant that can be used in a variety of different situations and by a range of different people. Recreational marijuana use has very negative connotations, however, as long as you are in a legal state and of a legal range you should not deprive yourself of this drug that can provide relief on a stressful day. Much like how people choose to have a drink when they have finished at work, taking weed and thc could become a common occurrence in the bid to relieve stress and to provide an escape from the harsh world that we live in.



It is a common misconception when it comes to THC and marijuana use that its sole purpose is to produce a relaxed feeling, when in fact there are a variety of different strains available that will affect your body in different ways. Some strains are actually designed to increase energy levels and focus, this would be great in a situation where you need a clear mind and motivation. If you are looking for a more energizing strain of weed then I would urge you to contact your local retailer online or check out topshelfbc where you can tailor your weed to suit your personal needs.


Pain Relief

One of the biggest benefits of THC would have to be its ability to relieve pain and other chronic illnesses, sometimes standard pain relief medication is not enough. Rather than leaving yourself in discomfort, you could find significant relief if you were to start using THC as a form of medical treatment. It has been said that pain is also related to your mental state at the time of injury, so the fact that weed helps to relax and dull the sensation of pain would make it one of the most effective methods of pain relief that is currently available.


PTSD Treatment?

The next benefit of THC is a little more experimental, after the legalization of marijuana in Canada we have seen significantly more research into what this drug can do and the possible treatment of PTSD is one of them. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a life-changing condition that is usually brought about by the occurrence of a traumatic event or injury, as this is in relation to mental health it shouldn’t be shocking that THC could provide relief and relaxation during a particularly stressful episode. The medical benefits of this drug are truly amazing and the mental health benefits alone are something you should definitely look into.