7 Alternatives to Traditional Pain Medication

The opinion on using traditional forms of pain medication varies depending on how you feel about the big corporations that produce these household medications, other people feel that these kinds of drugs are easy to get hooked on and can lead to further issues in the future. If you are someone who questions these things then you may be interested to learn about the alternative treatment methods that are much more natural and safer to use to treat small pain conditions that you may be suffering from.



Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to maintain your body’s health, hydration is also a great way to reduce pain and prevent things like headaches and migraines. If you find that you suffer regular aches and pains it could be due to you not getting enough water on a daily basis, this is something that you should definitely rectify if you are looking for ways to stop using traditional pain medication as it is a great preventative measure that you can take to avoid subtle pains. There are some great water bottles with measurements and times of how much water you should have had at certain points in the day, if you are someone who struggles with drinking enough water this type of product could be a real lifesaver.



CBD is a very versatile product that has many scientifically proven health benefits including treating severe pain and helping to reduce symptoms of mental health problems. As CBD comes from the same plant as cannabis there is much speculation as to whether or not the benefits of this product are true or not. You shouldn’t prejudge this amazing treatment option without giving it a try as it comes in many forms to suit any lifestyle, you could try CBD-infused sweets or vaping CBD liquids as a way to help relieve pain. If you are interested in trying CBD then you can find cbd vape products here.


Spending Time Outdoors

It is a common mindset that a lot of minor pain can be dealt with using mental training and distraction tactics, if you feel that you are in pain then going out for a walk in the fresh air can be one of the best things that you can do to help relieve it. Going for a walk has been proven to improve your overall mental and physical health and it can be a good distraction from any pain you may be feeling.



If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain and want to avoid using traditional pain medication then getting a massage can be extremely beneficial. Particularly if you are someone who does a lot of physical exercises and if you experience pain from doing this then it may be that you have suffered from an injury of some kind, massages are a great form of physical therapy to relieve stress and pain in your muscles, by getting a massage you are relieving any tension or knots that may have formed in your muscles.


Herbal Alternatives

Using herbal medication offers a more natural alternative to the chemical medicines and pain relief that is available, they are said to be healthy and safe to use and the benefits of using herbal remedies to relieve pain are actually much more significant than you may think. Choosing the right herbs can be difficult especially if you are not the most knowledgeable in this area so I would highly recommend that you do some research or speak to a professional before you attempt to use any form of herbal medication.



As mentioned previously a lot of what you experience to be pain can be rectified through mental therapy rather than using traditional pain relief, hypnotherapy is a great way to relax the mind and body and can offer a distraction from pain that has the potential to relieve it completely. Hypnotherapy is very much in its experimental phase with some people saying it was completely useless and others stating that it got rid of the sensation of pain completely, it is probable that this kind of treatment works on a case by case basis but if you don’t give it a try you will never know how effective it can be for you.



The final alternative to traditional medicine that could be an effective way to prevent and treat pain would have to be yoga, this form of exercise consists of both mental and physical exercises that can be very effective in treating pain. Yoga is also very good for stretching your muscles so that they are in a better shape for dealing with aches and pains that could come from too much strenuous exercise, yoga is also a great way to calm the mind and distract yourself from any pain you may be going through.