5 Non-Traditional Remedies for Traditional Health Issues

There used to be a lot of skepticism around non-traditional remedies for traditional health issues, but in recent years non-traditional remedies are becoming more popular and more widely accepted in the medical community. Non-traditional remedies have always been used as hundreds of years ago there was no healthcare infrastructure and science wasn’t as developed as it is today. They mainly originated from isolated areas of the world where they didn’t have access to any advanced western medicine findings. Non-traditional remedies made come back in the early 1970s when people became increasingly concerned with how medicine was affecting their body and many people wanted to make a return to non-traditional remedies rather than taking painkillers like paracetamol. Non-traditional remedies are defined as remedies that have not been found via gathering evidence and doing tests or are not a part of biomedicine or are contradicted by scientific findings. However, many people don’t believe that this is a reason to make them irrelevant or to not use non-traditional remedies. There is a lot of evidence that shows that various non-traditional remedies do work surprisingly well for traditional health issues. 


CBD oil is one of the most popular non-traditional remedies and it is used for a variety of health issues. The main health issue that many people use CBD oil for is anxiety. Almost half of the population suffers from varying degrees of anxiety and CBD oil has been highly praised by many suffers as it massively helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Similarly, to anxiety, it has also been found to help relieve symptoms of depression and other mental health issues. It’s also known to reduce acne if it is used on the face, the ingredients in the oil help to clean your skin and can help with acne scarring too. Finally, CBD oil is known for being great alternative pain relief, if you’re not wanting to take traditional pain killers like ibuprofen then this is a fantastic alternative. If you’re thinking about investing in CBD oil for any of these reasons then CBDolie.nl heeft een ruim assortiment met CBD-olie at great prices. 

Non-Traditional Therapy

The most traditional type of therapy that most people who undergo therapy are subject to is cognitive behavioral therapy, other common forms include things like psychotherapy. There are however also non-traditional therapies that are starting to become much more popular and they have very long histories having been practiced for centuries all over the world. These are some of the most popular non-traditional remedies including acupuncture, this works as the needles that are used begin to stimulate the central nervous system, this, in turn, releases chemicals around the body that are known to help the body’s physical and emotional well-being. Other non0traditional therapies include homeopathy and naturopathy. 


Various touch remedies are also known as non-traditional but successful therapies. These were developed off the idea that even if an illness is isolated to one area of the body it can actually affect the whole body. The aim of touch therapies is to restore balance to the body in the area that is ill or injured. The most common forms of touch therapy are massages, chiropractic medicine, and even yoga. 

Diet and Herbs

Over the last few decades, the average diet has massively changed. A couple of centuries ago people ate much healthier food than they currently do. Plant-based diets were popular as it was harder to catch an animal than to harvest plants but now people mainly eat processed food. Many people worldwide suffer from deficiencies from their diet which affects various areas of the body, changing your diet is a non-traditional remedy but a very successful one. Or if you can’t change your diet then dietary supplements are a great remedy as well as herbal medicine. 


There are many non-traditional remedies that are used in relation to the health of your mind. The most widely known has become mainstream in recent years and the positive effects are widely recognized. Meditation is the most widely known and it’s undeniable that there is a powerful connection between the body and the mind so, meditating helps you both physically and emotionally.