Love's Not Suppose to Hurt
Program Overview
Young people are our future—the community leaders, educators, parents, managers, executives, and employees of tomorrow. One of the best investments that we can make is to help them create and maintain healthy relationships as adults.

To help accomplish this, the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence is proud to offer “Love's Not Supposed to Hurt: A Program on Dating Violence.”

Program Format

The program includes a 30-minute video, leader's guide, and handouts that may be reproduced for audience use.

Program Goals
The goals of the program are to help young people:

Program Availability
Copies of the program are provided free to CAEPV members to distribute in their local communities as a community service. Members can also use the program internally to heighten the awareness of dating violence among employees — perhaps as parents of young people, or addressing younger workers themselves.

The public can purchase copies of the program through this link.

Program Results

Here are some comments of students participating in the program:

"I've never been so glad to attend a campus program in my life—this is just what I needed to hear. . . I'm really glad I came."

"It made me realize I was involved in an abusive relationship and I got out before it got bad. I'm glad I learned this information so I know not to get into a relationship like that again."

"I learned I was in an abusive relationship: I knew it, but this program reinforced it. I broke up with him 2 years ago and he's been calling lately and this program reminded me why I broke up with him."