Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Line (Formerly the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line - International)
The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center can be reached internationally toll-free from 175 countries. To contact the toll-free crisis line from overseas, first dial your AT&T USADirect access number and at the prompt, enter our phone number: 866-USWOMEN (879-6636). The center serves abused Americans, mostly women and children, in both civilian and military populations overseas.
British Columbia Institute Against Family Violence (Canada)
Established in 1989 as a private, non-profit organization whose mission is "to support, coordinate and initiate research and education programs which promote the elimination of violence in all families."
Canadian National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Canada)
Operated by Health Canada — the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence
Consejo Nacional de las Mujeres - CONAMU (Ecuador)
CONAMU is the overseeing government entity in Ecuador addressing violence against women and other issues for women.
Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence UK (United Kingdom)
The Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence UK is the sister alliance to CAEPV and consists of a group of progressive companies and organiztions working individually and collectively to address the impact of domestic violence in the workplace.
Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre (Australia)
A statewide resource centre for information about domestic violence and sexual assault; funded by the Department of Human Services Victoria, Australia.
Family Justice Center Alliance
The vision of the Family Justice Center alliance is to create a network of national and international centers with close working relationships, shared training and technical assistance, collaborative learning processes, and coordinated funding assistance.
Hidden Hurt: Domestic Abuse Information (United Kingdom)
A United Kingdom information and support site with resource links, books, UK helplines, articles, personal stories, message boards and more.
Hot Peach Pages (International Domestic Violence and Abuse Agencies List ) (International)
Global inventory of hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centres and women's organizations, searchable by country, plus index of domestic violence resources in over 70 languages.
Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF) (Columbia)
ICBF is the overseeing government organization in Columbia for women and family issues including domestic violence.
Mankind (United Kingdom)
The Mankind Initiative primarily supports male victims of domestic violence. Services include: domestic violence helpline; men's refuge; mediation; counselling, complaints against judges, solicitors, and an individual's rights under data protection. They also have a referral system for single men or men with children fleeing from domestic violence.
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MIMDES is a government organization that works with NGOs and they run the shelter programs in Peru.
Northern Ireland Women's Aid Federation (Ireland)
Services include refuge, aftercare, outreach, training, support and advice for women and children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. Also—a 24-hour helpline.
Preventing Violence in the Home (New Zealand)
Preventing Violence in the Home is a national organisation, offering a helpline, training and consultancy throughout New Zealand, and is now the largest single family violence prevention service in New Zealand that has a focus on keeping people safe in their own home.
Shelternet (Canada)
Decreasing barriers and increasing access to abused women is the principle behind Shelternet. Shelternet provides a link for women and children to their local shelter services and will help to equip shelters in building their Internet response. Local on-line counselling, a web site shelter template and a protected area for shelters to communicate with one another are some of the features. Shelternet does not provide direct service to abused women.
Violence Against Women, Australia Says No (Australia)
The official website for the Violence Against Women, Australia Says No campaign launched June 6, 2004 — a national campaign developed by the Australian Government to deliver a strong message that violence against women is totally unacceptable. The website offers resources including a campaign "booklet" which aims to raise awareness about the harm caused when personal relationships become violent. The booklet also provides information about who to contact for help and advice if you, or someone you know, is being abused, and it contains stories based on people's real life experiences. Other resources include brochures, posters and a confidential 24 hour helpline service, along with contact information for other referral services in your State and Territory.
Women's Aid Federation of England (England)
The mission of Women's Aid is to advocate for abused women and children and to ensure their safety by working locally and nationally. Women's Aid is the national domestic violence charity which coordinates and supports an England-wide network of over 300 local projects, providing over 500 refuges, helplines, outreach services and advice centres.

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