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Batterer Intervention Programs
A section of the Violence Against Women Online Resources (VAWOR) website containing documents on battering, such as — A Review of Standards for Batterer Intervention Programs, Batterer Intervention State Standards, Controversies and Recent Studies of Batterer Intervention Program Effectiveness, and others.
Do Batterer Intervention Programs Work? Two Studies
This document, published by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, relays results from two studies regarding the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs. Sections of this report include: Broward County, FL-- does stake-in-conformity matter most?; types of batterer interventions; Brooklyn, NY -- is longer treatment more effective?; program and research issues; and new directions for protecting victims (e.g., rethinking intervention, linking batterer programs to other programs and responses, and improving evaluations). According to the studies -- "Batterer intervention programs do not change batterers' [male batterers] attitudes and may have only minor effects on behavior."
Men Who Batter, Their Selective Behaviors and Societal Influences
This is part of a publication by the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic Violence entitled "A Framework for Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence."
Violence Against Women: Identifying Risk Factors
Are sexual and physical abuse in childhood and adolescence risk factors for becoming a victim of violence against women as an adult? This link on the National Institute of Justice website comb

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