Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Domestic Violence Shelter Tour
Safe Horizon's Domestic Violence Shelter Tour and Information site, where you can virtually tour a domestic violence shelter, view a children's art gallery on domestic violence, take a quiz, and find links to resources in the US and around the world.
Guidelines for Starting a Shelter
On the website of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, some basic guidelines are given that should be considered when starting a shelter for battered women and their children.
Decreasing barriers and increasing access to abused women is the principle behind Shelternet. Shelternet provides a link for women and children to their local shelter services and will help to equip shelters in building their Internet response. Local on-line counselling, a web site shelter template and a protected area for shelters to communicate with one another are some of the features. Shelternet does not provide direct service to abused women.

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