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A Long Walk Home
A non-profit organization that issues art to document, to educate and to end violence committed against women, men and children. "We use the testimonies, poetry, music, photographs, and videos of and by survivors to bring about social change and healing. Our unique blend of art therapy and social documentary provide safe and entertaining forums through which the public learns about healing from trauma." The site offers programs, services and resource information and links for victims of violence (including family violence and gang violence), rape, and other social issues.
AARDVARC is An Abuse, Rape & Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection. The site is for victims of violence, their families and friends, and the agencies and programs which serve them, both public and private. Issues addressed currently include: domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault.
City of Shelter
An 8 1/2 hour, 11- part video-based training series for professionals. City of Shelter includes interviews with the nation's leaders in the field of domestic violence. Lt. Mark Wynn, Dr. Evan Stark, Sarah Buel, Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, James Hardeman, Judge Ronald Adrine, Alexandria Ruden, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Richard Rhodes and other experts present a comprehensive view of what it takes to develop a coordinated community response to domestic violence.
Communities Against Violence Network
CAVNET is committed to providing current and exhaustive information for professionals involved in the fight against violence in our society. They are also committed to making important resources and contact information available to the public. In addition to adding new materials, they also revisit old resources to keep their Knowledge Base of information as current as possible.
Cut It Out
"Cut It Out" is a program of the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the United States. CUT IT OUT builds awareness of domestic abuse and trains salon professionals to recognize warning signs and safely refer clients to local resources.
Danger Assessment
Almost thirty years ago, Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell created the first Danger Assessment (DA) to help victims of abuse and the professionals who work with them to better understand the threats to their safety and well-being. This year, Campbell (Associate Dean for Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing) revised and updated the assessment to incorporate the findings of recent domestic violence research and to deliver the mechanism to a wider audience through this new website ( Women who feel they are in danger may visit the website and download the DA for free. The results are best interpreted, however, by a person certified to use the DA scoring system. Criminal justice, health care and advocacy practitioners who wish to administer the assessment and interpret the scoring system also may use the website to obtain training, scoring procedures, and certification.
Domestic Violence Project of Silicon Valley California
Includes the largest indexed set of violence research links on the Internet. Scroll down the homepage for a long list of intriguing articles and features.  An impressive effort from the Domestic Violence Project of Silicon Valley California.
The website provides consumers the first online searchable domestic violence provider database. Visitors can enter their location, language and service preferences, and with a single mouse click, instantly see the most proximate, relevant opportunities for help. - an Allstate Foundation Website
Provides information and resources to support survivors of domestic violence. The site is just one component of The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program, which provides comprehensive programming to energize, empower and equip domestic violence survivors with the resources, knowledge and skills they need to achieve safer and more financially secure lives.
End Violence Against Women: Information and Resources
This site was developed by the INFO Project to collect and share in one central location, information on the latest research, tools, project reports, and communication materials produced in the worldwide struggle to end violence against women. It is designed for researchers, health communication specialists, policy makers, and others.
Faith Leaders Working with Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Abusers
This Faith Leaders Resource Manual was developed by the Utah Domestic Violence Council.
Gift From Within
A nonprofit organization dedicated to those who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), those at risk for PTSD, and those who care for traumatized individuals. Their philosophy is to rekindle hope and restore dignity to trauma survivors by offering educational materials, including videotapes, articles and books, and a roster of survivors who participate in an international network of peer support.
Good Knight Child Empowerment Network
is providing activity books and DVD's as single items or in combo kits for only the cost of shipping and handling (limit 2 kits per family). The organization was created by retired law enforcement officers and military personnel to counter crime and violence against children. The kits (in English and Spanish) help children learn about safety, crime, and violence prevention. The program has been featured on America's Most Wanted, 48 Hours and the Today Show, and won the 1999 President's Service Award Silver Medal for being the most innovative crime and violence prevention, character development tool for children.
Google Scholar
enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web.
Hot Peach Pages (International Domestic Violence and Abuse Agencies List)
Global inventory of hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centres and women's organizations, searchable by country, plus index of domestic violence resources in over 70 languages.
Publishes and distributes videos and training materials about workplace violence, domestic violence in the workplace, sexual harassment, cultural diversity, etc.
Intimo Aware
To see what one Australian company is doing to address domestic violence, visit this "Intimo Aware" program page. It provides Australians the facts, contact information, links (including CAEPV and Liz Claiborne), workplace information, and more.
This links to the Domestic Abuse Resource Center of iVillage. The iVillage website is billed as "the largest collection of information catered to women." This part of their site contains an array of domestic abuse resources and links.
Love Is Not Abuse - A Liz Claiborne Website
This site has great information for adults, parents, and teens, including free downloadable handbooks, and a special dating violence web site.  The site would be a great link for your company intranet, since the information would be valuable for employees and for their children!
Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation
This link leads to the revamped website of the Mark Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. Check out the information and resources about ending violence and what you can do to help!
This site offers help and resources for male victims of domestic violence, men's stories, research, and more.
Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)
This is the website of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program. The multi-racial, mixed gender MVP team is the first large-scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in the effort to prevent all forms of men's violence against women.
The Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Supports education, research, and access to information. The Center's web site includes extensive training resources, course syllabi, bibliographies, papers and reports, training events, and links to other violence-related sites.
The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
The NCDSV provides training, consulting and advocacy. At the local, state, regional and national levels, the National Center promotes community collaboration as the model approach to problem solving for domestic and sexual violence issues. The National Center collaborates with law enforcement, legal system agencies, advocacy organizations, social service agencies, the military and other community entities to integrate their efforts to end domestic and sexual violence. With funding from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), and in partnership with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the National Sheriffs' Association and the National Center for Rural Law Enforcement, the National Center trains law enforcement officers on their response to domestic and sexual violence.
The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)
A national resource center which provides information on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. News, research, and resources, promising practices, NCEA newsletter, publications, and the Elder Abuse Listserve are available on the web site. Information is available in German, Spanish, French, and Italian. A directory of elder abuse coalitions and task forces, as well the elder abuse state hotlines are also available.
National Electronic Network on Violence Against Women
The VAWnet site offers the public access to the VAWnet library, a collection of electronic resources.  All files from the library can be searched, downloaded, and printed.  Provides updates on media reports, a national calendar of events, and more.
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
This link leads to their site on traumatic occupational injuries and includes detailed information on workplace violence, including NIOSH's "Violence on the Job" training program available on DVD or as streaming video.
National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence
Specializes in developing initiatives to prevent workplace violence. Their web site is a comprehensive source for workplace violence information and services, such as — a white paper on the financial impact of workplace violence and articles with topics from air rage to worker's compensation.
No More Fact Sheet
This link leads to Liz Claiborne's newest downloadable fact sheet on different kinds of abuse including relationship, sexual, child, and elder abuse. It's FREE and can be downloaded and printed for your use!
Not a Minute More: A Call to End Violence Against Women
Fighting violence against women is a major focus of UNIFEMís work. "Not a Minute More" is UNIFEM'S call to action--to move the issue from awareness that it is a human rights violation and a crime, to making it socially unacceptable and counter to community norms.
Office for Victims of Crime—Training Model for Service Providers
This publication from the Office for Victims of Crime describes the accomplishments and design of an integrated service delivery system from Denver, Colorado -- designed to serve as a model for other communities. Since its inception, Denver VS2000 has produced a series of bulletins describing its accomplishments. This fifth bulletin in the series, Learning About Victims of Crime: A Training Model for Victim Service Providers and Allied Professionals, provides an overview of Denver's efforts in the area of training and education for victim service providers and allied professionals. It is useful as a technical assistance document, illustrating that training in the field of victim services builds not only increased competency among victim service providers, but also increased trust and sharing among agencies by providing common terms of understanding, language, and approaches to training.
OSHA's Training Materials on Workplace Violence
This link leads to free downloadable training materials on workplace violence from OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration) including PowerPoint slides, handouts, and links to other resources such as an online training course on workplace violence.
Peace At Home
Visit this area of the Peace At Home web site to view or print a downloadable copy of Domestic Violence: The Facts, an easy to understand handbook about domestic violence for victims, survivors, family members, and friends. (Available in English and Spanish.)
Sloan Work and Family Research Network
The Sloan Work and Family Research Network serves a global community of individuals interested in work and family research by providing resources, building knowledge, and sharing information. Created in 1997, the Network is the leading web destination for free credible, current information on work-family issues.
Toolkit To End Violence Against Women
A web-based toolkit released by the Violence Against Women Office, Office of Justice Programs. A product of the National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women, It is hoped that this new resource will provide the guidance necessary to assist communities in their efforts to end violence against women. Chapter 8 specifically addresses issues related to the workplace.
Violence Against Women
Created by The National Women's Health Information Center (on the website) to provide abused women and their loved ones with resources and information they can use to get help. The site contains general resources on violence against women. Other resource categories include Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault and Abuse, Dating Violence, Elder Abuse, Legislation and Actions, and State Resources.
Violence Against Women Online Resources
A cooperative project of the US Office on Violence Against Women and the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. It contains an extensive searchable database of articles and resources related to domestic violence.

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