Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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A Call to Men
Through seminars, workshops and other educational vehicles, A CALL TO MEN challenges men to reconsider their long held beliefs about women, in an effort to create a more just society. We achieve this by encouraging change in the behaviors of men through a re-education and training process that challenges sexism.
Coaching Boys into Men
Men have the power to teach boys that violence towards women is wrong. The Family Violence Prevention Fund asks men to take initiative and talk with boys about violence against women.
Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men
The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men (formerly Battered Men's Helpline) provides practical assistance in the form of a toll-free crisis line, referral services, and court advocacy support to victims of spousal or intimate partner abuse.
Mankind (United Kingdom)
The Mankind Initiative primarily supports male victims of domestic violence. Services include: domestic violence helpline; men's refuge; mediation; counselling, complaints against judges, solicitors, and an individual's rights under data protection. They also have a referral system for single men or men with children fleeing from domestic violence.
Men Stopping Violence
The work of Men Stopping Violence — to end men's violence against women — has several different components, including: training professionals, educating the public, intervening with violent men, teaching parenting skills, mentoring interns, publishing articles, and allying with other organizations.
This site offers help and resources for male victims of domestic violence, men's stories, research, and more.
Menís Non-Violence Project
This link leads to the new Menís Non-Violence Project website sponsored by the Texas Council on Family Violence. The Menís Nonviolence Project seeks to encourage men to take an active role in ending menís violence against women. MNP provides information, resources, and connections to inspire and support the involvement of men and boys in preventing domestic violence.
Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)
This is the website of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program. The multi-racial, mixed gender MVP team is the first large-scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in the effort to prevent all forms of men's violence against women.
Stop Abuse For Everyone
A non-profit organization that provides advocacy, information, and support for men and women who are victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. SAFE concentrates on services and resources for underserved victims of violence.
Teach Early
This new program designed to help men teach boys about violence in relationships is sponsored by the Family Violence Prevention Fund.
Toolkit for Working With Men and Boys
This link leads to a new resource from the Family Violence Prevention Fund designed to help organizations work with men and boys to prevent gender-based violence. It provides readings, case studies, handouts, exercises, and other resources as well as community-building tools.
Tough Talk
This new FREE "Tough Talk" brochure from Liz Claiborne helps men start a conversation with the boys in their lives about the subject of abuse, and developing and maintaining positive relationships.

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