Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Safety Tips for Victims of Partner Violence
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If you are a victim of partner violence, here are some precautions you can take to increase your safety at the workplace:

  • Save any threatening e-mail or voice-mail messages. These can potentially be used for future legal action, or can serve as evidence that an existing restraining order was violated.

  • Ask your supervisor about the possibility of getting priority parking near the building.

  • Have your calls screened, transferring harassing calls to security or have your name removed from automated phone directories.

  • Ask to have your workspace relocated to a more secure area or another site.

  • Obtain a restraining order that includes the workplace, and keep a copy on hand at all times. You may want to consider providing a copy to the police, your supervisor, security, or human resources.

  • Provide a picture of the perpetrator to reception areas and/or security.

  • Identify an emergency contact person if your employer is unable to reach you.

  • Ask security to escort you to and from your vehicle or public transportation.

  • Have your paychecks delivered to another location.

  • Make sure you know about your employer's workplace violence policy and how to report any incident. Pay attention to the specifics of the policy does it include threats over the telephone? Does it include non-employees as well as employees? Is there a specific telephone number to call?

  • Tell your supervisor anything else the company could do or other changes that could be made to make you feel safer. Remember, you know the perpetrator better than anyone else.

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