Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Violence Predictor Checklist Organizations
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Is your workplace at risk for violence? Does it exhibit any of the following organizational risk factors that contribute to workplace violence? Check any descriptions or situations that apply. The more items that are checked, the greater the risk.

Attitudes & Environment
___ An autocratic or abusive management style
___ An atmosphere that tolerates bigotry, sexual harassment, or general disrespect or intolerance of others
___ Serious unresolved workplace issues
___ Past workplace violence incident(s)
___ Events generating great stress such as downsizing and layoffs, especially when poorly handled
___ Increased workloads for remaining employees
___ Labor-management antagonism
___ Inadequate physical security

Policies & Procedures
___ No clearly defined rules of conduct
___ Weak or non-existent policy against all forms of workplace violence
___ Negligent Human Resource practices - Negligent hiring, training, supervision, discipline (failure to be firm, fair, consistent, predictable, and timely), and retention
___ Ineffective or non-existent reporting procedures for workplace violence or threats
___ Failure to take immediate disciplinary action at the first indication of violence
___ Failure to warn employees in the "zone of danger" of impending violence
___ Failure to monitor dangerous employees after disciplinary action (including termination)

Training & Support
___ Lack of workplace training in awareness and prevention of workplace violence
___ No "facility survival" training for employees
___ No in-house employee counseling or support systems (employee assistance, peer support, conflict resolution, etc.)
___ No working relationship with local law enforcement for contingency planning
___ Failure to employ appropriate legal remedies
___ Poor or non-existent media relations
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