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Violence Predictor Checklist Individuals
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Violence cannot always be predicted, Some individuals who fit a profile are never violent, while others who do not fit a profile certainly can commit violence. Nonetheless, here is a "checklist" of some common predictors. The more items checked, the greater the possible risk.

Personal History/Traits

____ A migratory job history
____ Prior involvement in workplace violence
____ A history of violence outside the workplace
____ Chronically disgruntled, disdain for authority
____ Does not take criticism and has contempt for his/her boss
____ Externalizes blame, doesn't "own up"
____ Paranoid, views change as a personal affront
____ Views violence or intimidation as legitimate
____ Holds grudges
____ Pushes the limits of normal conduct
____ A loner or socially isolated individual with few personal outlets, with no outlet for rage
____ A history of unresolved psychological problems or personality disorders
____ A zealot (political, religious, racial bigotry, etc.)
____ A substance abuser (including alcohol, prescription, and non-prescription drugs)
____ A person involved in domestic violence


____ Obsessive involvement with one's job to the exclusion of all else
____ Obsessive-compulsive behavior, i.e., neatness and order, feeling that one's standards are superior to others
____ An unwarranted sense of entitlement
____ Romantic or sexual obsessions
____ Obsession with, and possession or access to, weapons and/or paramilitary training
____ Obsession with other acts of workplace violence, seeing them as "justified"


____ Beware of newly acquired negative traits!
____ Sudden withdrawal from current circle of friends of acquaintances
____ Inability to concentrate
____ Newly acquired poor personal hygiene
____ Newly acquired decrease in productivity
____ Problems with attendance or tardiness
____ Overreaction to stimuli, poor impulse control
____ Inappropriate affect (emotional display inconsistent with situation)
____ Threats of sabotage against property of employer, supervisors, or co-workers
____ Actual threats or intimidation of others
____ Immediate or delayed violent reaction to discipline or termination ("revenge" reaction)
____ Discussion(s) of stalking or harassing others
____ Sudden divestment of valued property or other indicators of impending suicide
____ Appearance of extreme desperation over marital discord, financial distress, etc.
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