Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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This section provides a library of materials that can be shared with your employees. Includes information such as Dos & Don'ts to Minimize Violence and baby care tips a sample article entitled Open Your Eyes to Partner Violence at Work.
Associated Characteristics of Stalking Following Termination of Romantic Relationships (2005)
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Associated Characteristics of Stalking Following Termination of a Romantic Relationship.pdf [ Download ]
This study investigated female experiences of physical violence during stalking by a bestenuhren former romantic partner. It aimed to identify factors that were predictive of such stalking violence. Two hundred and twenty female undergraduates who defined themselves as victims of stalking following the dissolution of a romantic relationship completed a short questionnaire. From their responses, 11 predictor variables were considered. These were self-reported relationship experiences of physical and sexual violence, intentional damage to participant's property, partner jealousy, isolation, monitoring, criticism and insults by the former partner, former partner's drug and alcohol abuse, and specific threats of violence while being stalked. The dependent variable in the study was whether stalking violence occurred; 35.9% (79/220) of participants experienced stalking violence. Logistic regression analysis revealed that there were statistically significant independent associations between threats, partner jealousy, and former partner drug abuse and stalking violence.
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