Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Best Practices
State Farm Insurance Companies
State Farm encourages employees (in all of their locations) to get involved with domestic violence issues by joining local community volunteer efforts.

In 1998, State Farm and the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence launched Step 2 of a program to raise awareness of the issue among State Farm employees and management. Step 1, launched October 1st of 1997, consisted of a training program designed to educate employees about domestic violence in the workplace.

Step 2 instructs supervisors on what to do if they suspect an employee might be potentially violent or a likely mark for an abusive partner. Instruction began with the publication of a 4-page cover story on workplace security in the summer issue of Operation Understanding magazine. The article, "Protect Your People," begins with the story of an angry ex-husband who smuggled a gun into a State Farm office earlier in the year, then opened fire on his former wife and her coworker before turning the gun on himself.

The article included signs of distress, hidden costs of domestic violence, what to do with a restraining order, State Farm's workplace security policy, and a list of resources including brochures, a threat checklist desk card, videos on workplace violence, and telephone numbers for State Farm's Employee & Agent Assistance Program and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. At the end of September, a memo urging discussion of the article with all employees went out to Corporate Supervisors and Regional Vice Presidents from Public Affairs Vice President Dixie Axley and Human Resources Vice President John Coffey.

State Farm Insurance Companies also offer the following programs to assist employees affected by partner violence:

  • Employee & Agent Assistance Program

  • Time-off Policies (paid and non-paid)

  • Healthcare Benefits

  • Workplace Security Policy

  • Medical Department

  • Flexible work hours, as appropriate
In recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, State Farm has held activities, programs and special projects. Previous activities have included:

  • Conducting donation drives of needed items at corporate locations for the local domestic violence shelter and community action program

  • Distribution of desktop flyers with resource information and volunteer opportunities along with the CAEPV brochure

  • Insertion of feature articles on domestic violence (including statistics, warning signs and resources on how to get help) in two company publications reaching State Farm employees and agents
    Displays of domestic violence posters and videos strategically placed throughout their corporate locations

  • Placement of a link from the State Farm web site homepage to the Corporate Alliance web site, making internal domestic violence awareness programs and policies available to employees via the company's Intranet.
State Farm encourages employees (in all of their locations)to get involved with domestic violence issues by joining local community volunteer efforts.
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