Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Best Practices
Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is the first healthcare system in California to join CAEPV, and healthcare organizations play a vital role in addressing intimate partner violence and family violence issues. Kaiser Permanente is a leader in addressing family violence in the healthcare setting and works in partnership with community advocacy agencies, employers, government services and criminal justice, to develop programs that lead to early identification, effective intervention and follow-up, as well as prevention.

Kaiser Permanente's intimate partner violence prevention services are characterized by a comprehensive and coordinated approach with 4 components: a screening and referral system, a supportive environment, on-site resources, and community linkages. Kaiser Permanente is setting the benchmark among health care organizations - its electronic medical record includes screening and assessment for intimate partner violence, and quality measures are used to direct improvement efforts.

At Kaiser Permanente Northern California, identification of members affected by intimate partner violence has increased 3-fold since implementation of the comprehensive model began in 2000. In addition, this identification is happening in regular doctor’s office visits, rather than the emergency room, suggesting that Kaiser Permanente is able to help people before more serious injury occurs. Outreach and resources for intimate partner violence are provided via many venues: on-line, by phone, in newsletters, and in exam rooms and clinics.

In addition, the Kaiser Permanente silentWitness project display shares 14 stories from employees of Kaiser Permanente who survived intimate partner violence as a reminder that it can happen to anyone. The display was developed to raise awareness about the impact of intimate partner and show the vital and positive role that colleagues and the workplace can offer. The display is shown at Kaiser Permanente clinics and hospitals. In addition, the stories of courage, survival and hope are available on--line ( in English, Spanish, and Cantonese together with as is a video about the impact of intimate partner violence on the workplace. On October 4, 2006, a fountain was dedicated at one Kaiser Permanente hospital to the memory of three employees killed as a result of intimate partner violence, and in honor of all victims, as part of Domestic Violence Awareness month.

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